Other Services

For the past 9 years I’ve been helping companies and large teams improve their quality, time to market, and productivity through assessment, leadership, training, and coaching.

In-depth Technical Assessments
Do you think your company could improve productivity, time-to-market, or quality in your software development practices?
– I’ve done an in-depth analysis of the quality practices, architecture, CI/CD pipeline, agile practices, and software development lifecycle for many companies.
– I provide specific technical, tools, and architectural guidance along with ranked opportunities for improvements

Interim Leadership
Do you need to drive toward a business goal, but don’t have a quality leader with the right skills?
– I have taken over for clients to lead their quality organization, setup their processes, quality gates, reporting mechanisms, set quality metrics and achieve them in time for the next release.
– This is especially useful for critical new projects in a style you haven’t done before such as microservices and web-services.
– This gives you time to find the perfect long-term leader who I’ll bring up to speed to take over for me.

Training / Coaching
Do you have good people, but they just need a little help?
– Some organizations know they have to add tests to legacy systems, but they don’t know where to start. Often the code was never meant to be testable. I can teach workshops on refactoring and testing that code as well as provide ongoing coaching (or even leadership) to increase maintainability, improve team productivity, and reduce customer found bugs.

Is your service at risk of going down (maybe it already has)?
– I can help the team identify and rank architectural improvements (using FMEA) to improve resiliency. I can help them identify how to implement, measure, and test mitigations.

Do your people need someone to bounce ideas off of and give them some direction?
– I regularly do longer-term coaching to improve quality practices, CI/CD pipelines, and agile coaching. Having me on call can get the results you need.

Technical Due Diligence (TDD)
Is your company investing in a company or about to ask for investment?
– I’m the “house inspector” who will be called to evaluate you. I work for both buyers and sellers and have performed over 80 TDDs. For buyers, I rank technical risks to the deal and post-close opportunities for improvement after the investment. For sellers, I help you see how to position what you have and make a list of quick fixes or longer plans to get you on track for a better sale price.