Quality and DevOps Transformations

Find the root causes of your software quality and DevOps issues. Co-create a plan to fix those issues. Put in place governance and metrics to make track improvements.

I have over 30 years of experience in the software industry focusing on quality and have spent the last 9 years evaluating and transforming over 100 companies.

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Quality Transformation

Does your company have software quality issues? I can help you measure your software quality and improve it if necessary, saving your engineering team time so they can focus on creating new features.

In a typical quality transformation, I investigate the root causes of the quality issues including:

From there, I report findings and we work together to co-create a transformation plan with clear work items and milestones. Often, tracking metrics and quality dashboards are needed to achieve your quality goals.

For software services that are not achieving 99.9% uptime, I can bring additional tools to bear:

  • Walking your teams through failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) to find where the service can become self-healing.
  • Co-creating a health model to indicate the state of the service for your operations team.

DevOps Transformation

Good DevOps systems allow engineering teams to get feedback on their changes quickly through a combination of continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery or deployment (CD). The business achieves optimal time-to-market and productivity with quality gates built in.

I can work with your teams to:

  • Identify gaps in the CI/CD pipeline that are leading to rework, manual steps, and quality issues.
  • Apply the theory of constraints with value stream mapping (VSM) to identify bottlenecks in the process and a plan to fix them.
  • Identify organizational and responsibility gaps where communication issues cause work slowdowns.

Each of these results in an ordered backlog of recommendations. I can also work with you to implement any changes. For example, building a DevOps tools team has had a good ROI in several cases.

Good Quality and DevOps save your company time and money, and they delight your customers. Let me help you get there!